Seetin, Richard

Book Date: 10-04-2019 – 8:06 am Charges: 21-5813 Criminal damage to property; Misdemeanor: STAT 21-5808(a)(1)(B) Criminal trespass; Property as posted per KSA 32-1013: STAT 8-1567 Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs; Unknown severity: STAT

Steffey, Lance

Book Date: 10-21-2019 – 7:50 am Charges: 20-1204a Contempt of Court; Indirect: STAT 22-3716 Probation Violation: STAT 21-5807(a3)(c1)(A3) Burglary; Vehicle to commit felony theft or sexually motivated crime: STAT 21-5709(b)(2)(e3) Use/possess w/intent to use drug paraphernalia into human body: STAT 21-5706 Possession of controlled substance; unknown substance: STAT