Coreon Lemar Henderson

Name: Coreon Lemar Henderson Date: 2019-8-23 Charge(s): Dui Driving Under The Influence Driving On Suspended/revoked Traffic – Speeding Traffic-drivers Exercise Due Care Compliance W/ Financial Responsibility (insurance) Unlawful Removal Of Registration Decal Or Plate

Coy Tyler Dodson

Name: Coy Tyler Dodson Date: 2019-8-23 Charge(s): Traffic – Operator Or Chauffer License Required Traffic – Registration, Expired Certificate And Pl Compliance W/ Financial Responsibility (insurance) Fugitive – Wanted By Another State (id Offense) Hold For Other Agency

William Carden

Name: William Carden Date: 08/23/2019 DOB: 35 Charge(s): Manufacture Delivery Sale Or Possession-of Methamphetamines Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia Uses Driving On Revoked License- Financial Responsibility Law- Violation Registration Law-

Niosha Janee Vance

Name: Niosha Janee Vance Date: 2019-8-23 Charge(s): Driving On Suspended/revoked Traffic – Registration, Driving Unregistered Vehic Traffic Registration Misuse Compliance W/ Financial Responsibility (insurance) Trespass – Criminal Trespass